The Truth of Self-Denial

She has lost. She is broken. She traps herself in between something she doesn’t know something she doesn’t want. She has been crying for weeks. She is tired of ignorance and compulsion. She is drowning in sorrow and things she can’t fight for. To the time, she says she hates listening to the clock ticking….

Having the Old You

I caught a disappointment in your round face as I broke the vision of life I have told anybody. You asked the reason and I gave an answer. “You missed a chance,” you said to me. “I know, but…,” I refused to continue since I realized that it was going to be you the one…

Leave her alone with a large amount of papers and a pen let her write thousand hidden stories of herself. -SA

There are thousand stars in your eyes, you said. There are thousand lies in your words, I replied. -SA


My giant closet Full of untidy things My bra Your underwear My t-shirt Your sweater My panties Your boxer My lipstick Your belt My lips Your tongue My skin Your kiss My future Your past Tucked in between -SA

She has been waiting more than one thirds of her life for nonexistence -SA

Few Years Ago

She watched you sleep in front of her webcam few minutes before her 19th birthday quite and pure tight and lure moment like this was all she fell for. -SA

Why should I share my life to strangers if I’ve known all of you for now and then? -SA

Your mouth is hungry; your lips want me as a cigarette breath in tobacco-tainted air. -SA


You will fed up with your own statement about being single forever when someone tries to give his last slice of meatlovers pizza or McDonalds’ crispy deep-fried chicken skin just to steal your attention conquer your invisibility break down the wall please you and somehow you start to dissolve. -SA

Bucket List

Being single means you don’t need much effort to remember anniversary dates, his favorite ripped jeans, his license plate number, yearly birthday presents and surprises, his love letters, his bad habits, daily unread messages he hasn’t replied yet, dirty jokes, signature perfume, favorite fast food restaurant, his allergy, his pair of smelly socks under the…


She dances in the moonlight until she realizes how to change and evolve. She sleeps under the giant tree until she figures out how to love herself infinitely. She does nothing, just sitting at a bench at the park until she owns the pieces of courage she once championed. She finally stares at million stars…